• Automatically puts your phones volume on SILENT/VIBRATE for work.
  • Automatically puts your phones volume on LOUD when work finishes.
  • Manage missed calls with instant automatic SMS text messages.



Take control of your phone


Never miss a call again!

No more missing phone calls or messages due to forgetting to put your phone back on loud.

More Productive at Work

When the phone is on Silent/Vibrate, it often increases productivity by ensuring no interruptions. It also promotes a level of professionalism.

Auto-Text (SMS)

Automatically send SMS text messages to all missed calls during work hours. (Will not work on private or unknown numbers).

Lunch Mode

Enables having the phone back on loud for set lunch periods.

Putting the Smart in Smartphones

I'm @ Work allows your phone to adapt to ensure it is always in the appropriate setting for your schedule. It will automatically put your phone on silent before work to avoid disruptions to meetings, etc. Whilst at work, any missed or rejected calls can be automatically text to inform them that you are unavailable until after work finishes. But mainly, many people leave work without remembering to switch their phones back on (loud). This results in many missed calls and/or text messages. I'm @ Work was created to prevent this.

Tested on multiple Android Devices to ensure a pleasant user experience.

  • Simply enter your Work Hours
  • Choose the Phones Modes (Silent/Vibrate/Loud)
  • Enable Auto-Text Feature if desired (Editable Text Message)
  • Sit Back and Let I'm @ Work manage those tedious phone tasks

Dedicated to Simplifying your Work Life

Helpful Features

Easy to Use

Simple and Easy - So anyone can make use of the app without any problems.

No Adverts

Everybody hates adverts...So none have been included - Even in the Free Trial!

Exclusive to Android

Apologies to iOS and Windows Mobile users but this is only available for Android Devices! iOS and Windows Mobile devices will not be supported.

3 Months FREE

3 months of the FULL APP for free with no adverts or any other small print. This allows everyone to try the app and see if they will benefit from it. After the 3 months run out (or before) simply get the Full App.

Promotes Productivity

By ensuring your phone does not interfere with work, the productivity usually increases.

Supports non typical working shifts

Provides the users to have different start and finish times for each day.


Be they one day or a number of weeks it is easy to disable app's features during holidays and re-enable when starting work again.

Missed Call Response

Provides a personal touch for custom responses to important missed calls during work hours.

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Simple and Easy to Use


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